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   Tissue Microarry (TMA)
   MRI-Guided Interventional Therapy System
   OPTIMUS (Combined Ultrosound and Optical Breast Imaging)
Tissue Microarry (TMA)

Explosive development of biomedical research requires high throughput physiologic/pathogenic experimental platforms to test the new ideas. TMAs, which are critical for such high throughput across validation, are generated using a large collection of paraffin embedded tissues from our collection or created based on the specific needs of the customer including the custom procurement of specific tissues, These tissues are procured with close consultation with pathologist and/or a surgeon. Custom tissues are procured with proper IRBs and Informed Patient Consent agreements in place, piror the collection.

Each standard archived tissue block (3-5mm thick) yields a maximum of 100 assays in conventional processing. Using optimal sectioning followed by tissue microarray technology, the same block could produce up to 500,000 assays represented as 0.6mm disks of tissue. One slide contains up to 500 specimens. With correlated controls and repeats, it yields over 100 pairs of experiments at the same time. Experiments with conventional tissue sections have the substantial variety from side to side. The tissue microarray technology allows the entire cohort to be analyzed in one batch on a single side. Our products contain the proper control tissue along with the cancerous tissues, making the comparison easy and straight forward. Our industrial production with the state of art instruments and strict quality control system guarantee the uniformed and high quality tissue microarray products.


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