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Special EU, NMPA & FDA Approved Manufacturer 2019-nCoV Ab Serology Test Kits and PCR test kits. For detailed products info, click to visit Products Page.  

  ·2019-nCoV Ab Serology & PCR test kits - CE Mark, NMPA & FDA Approved
·China Healthcare Reform
·China Healthcare Opportunities for Biopharma and Medtech Companies
·The advantages of partnership with China
  The COVID-19 outbreak is the most dangerous challenge presented to humanity, we must utilise all our resources and talents to fight this battle. MedTech International will help develop the sufficient supply sources to protect Healthcare and Care Home staff. It is crucial to test key workers and every single suspected cases as soon as possible in order to prevent further infection, which in turn will prevent further loss of life.
Medtech International Ltd. is a UK Cambridge based medical device and healthcare technology Brokerage Company serving the global medical devices, diagnostics, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with a special focus on the rapidly growing opportunities in China healthcare market. Medtech International will help global life science and healthcare companies save the money and time by evaluating potential China partners, monitoring and implementing China outsourcing and business development project with due diligence check, strong hands on project management practice, with in-depth local healthcare industry knowledge, strong local government and industry connections.
Medtech International will fully respect customers’ intellectual properties and work closely with IPR law firm both in UK and China to ensure absolute confidentiality of any exchanged project information, perform regular progress and compliance check to maintain high standard.
We aim to provide the “high standard, reliable, flexible, ethical and effective” services to build a strong alliance with our clients and business partners to work together for the common good and better health for all in the world.
MedTech International worked very closely in the past with some of the leading Chinese Medical device manufacturers whose PCR and serology test kits are CE Marked, NMPA or FDA approved which are on the Chinese government inspected exporter white list to supply these products.
  Address:Future Business Centre, Kings Hedges Road, Cambridge CB4 2HY
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1223 981 793
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