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   China Healthcare Reform
   China Healthcare Opportunities for Biopharma and Medtech Companies
   The advantages of partnership with China
The advantages of partnership with China
Partnerships with local Chinese companies have the advantage of fast market lunching, lowering sales barriers and access the fast growing China market. The reform represents a shift in Chinese culture that will continue to provide opportunities for medical device OEMs.
The Chinese government is offering hospital equipment subsidies that favour domestically made, low-cost products -- part of its “buy China” stance when allocating stimulus funds. China is also providing fund money towards research and development in addition to these regulations related to the purchase of medical devices. To accommodate this trend and to continue to grow in China, many foreign companies are choosing to form partnerships with domestic companies so that they can gain access to developing markets, improve sales channels, and benefit from government health care funding which European Medtech companies can benefit from the government’s new reimbursement scheme.
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