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8 - 12 - 2021 Wednesday
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  A UK based developer of small molecule kinase inhibitors for oncology and auto-immune disease drugs in the pre-clinical development stage, the project objective is to establish licensed co-development partnership with some of the leading Chinese pharmaceutical companies and research institutes to advance and speed up the research process, to launch selected pipeline of programmes quickly into clinical trials in China by Chinese partners and to reduce the cost and risk of further development.
We have carefully identified and evaluated over 30 potential China partners, short listed 15 well established large Chinese pharmaceutical companies and research institutes who might be interested in the licensed co-development partnership arrangement for our client’s pipeline of oncology/auto-immune programmes, through our strategic partners and connections in China, we have been introduced to the top management team of the large Chinese Pharma groups and signed CDA for evaluating confidential programme documents within one month, invited the CEO and CTO to visit China and had face-to-face meeting with 10 potential Chinese pharmaceutical and research institute partners around China to present the programmes and discuss the partnership potential within two months of starting the project; after further one month exchange of questions, documents and assessment of the programmes, the project has entered into practical discussions and negotiations on the partnership arrangement and mutually beneficial agreement.
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